Pokemon GO Account Lvl 30


Pokemon-Go-Stardust600.000+ Stardust

pikachu-pokemon-go 100+ Normal Pokemons

snorlax-pokemon-go 5 Rare Pokemons 2.200+ CP

Lure-Modules 9 Lure Modules

Pokemon-Go-Incense-Shop 9 Incenses

Pokemon-Go-luckyegg-Shop 7 lucky eggs


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You can pick your own Nickname

Customize your own character

Up to 600.000 stardust to power up Pokemons!

Up to 2.200 CP Pokemons!

Team is not selected! You can pick your own team

Lots of items (including incense, lures and lucky eggs)

Many rare & high CP Pokemons!

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