Pokemon GO Gen2 Account Lvl 35


Pokemon-Go-Stardust2.000.000+ Stardust

pikachu-pokemon-go OLD Pokemon + Gen 2 Pokemon INSIDE

 100+ 100% IV pokemon

Lot of Rare’s pokemon inventory high CP  Dragonites/Tyrinitars

Lure-Modules 11 Lure Modules

Pokemon-Go-Incense-Shop 11 Incenses

Pokemon-Go-luckyegg-Shop 9 lucky eggs



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  • You can pick your own Nickname
  • Team is not selected! You can pick your own team
  • Up to 2.000.000 stardust to power up Pokemons!
  • 100+ 100% IV Pokemons
  • Lots of Rare pokemon inventory with  high CP 
  • Many high CP and high IV Dragonites/Tyrinitars
  • 2nd generation pokemon!
  • Tons of candies
  • Lots of items (including incense, lures and lucky eggs)

To achieve higher CP pokemons, you will need to use your candies and stardusts!

Sample account (click for larger image) 

100% IV

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